FOCA has identified several HOT TOPICS that are important to waterfront property owners. Get up-to-date news and information by following these links:

Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA)

Great Lakes Issues

Algonquin Land Claim

Experimental Lakes Area (ELA)

Navigable Waters Protection Act

Ontario Waterways (TSW, Rideau Canal...)

Asian Carp


Property Taxation


Land Use Planning
Fire and Carbon Monoxide Safety


"It's not just about the fish" February 2014

Missing evidence-based principles to help guide fisheries management in Canada across the country are addressed through nine key ecological principles critical for fisheries management, according to a paper in Environmental Reviews Journal (February 2014).  Read the introductory article.

Related: Are arctic fisheries at particular risk under a revised Fisheries Act?

December 2013 - $100 million in water protection funding cuts underway by Federal Government (

April 2013 - FOCA reacts to news of ELA intervention by Ontario

FOCA has one of the many supportive voices in criticizing the federal government's decision to close the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) - Read more in Penny's Cottage Life blog... and "Myths & Facts" from Save ELA. See FOCA's ELA pages for all the news.

April 2013 - First set of Fisheries Act regulations posted

DFO recently introduced the first set of regulations under the Fisheries Act, which was overhauled as part of the 2012 federal  budget. FOCA spoke against the changes in 2012, (more info) and the ill-defined habitat protection provisions, roles and responsibilities, and capacity to deliver proper fisheries management.

The current proposed regulations mostly just define the administrative requirements related to getting an authorization under the Act.  The devil, they say, is in the details.  See FOCA's comments, here.   

IMPORTANT NEWS - May 28, 2012:

FOCA's Executive Director was invited to Parliament Hill to comment on Bill C-38 including proposed changes to the Fisheries Act and funding for the Experimental Lakes Area.

> click here to watch video of the Subcommittee Hearing on May 28th, including Terry's comments and responses to pointed questions during the hearing.

> here is Terry's quick pre-hearing video blog:

> read FOCA's summary about the hearing appearance on May 28th, and what happens next

> See left-column heading "Potentially Disastrous" on the Environment pages of the FOCA website for links to FOCA's letter to the Minister and more background information on this important topic

Protection for aquatic environments under threat!

FOCA encourages everyone interested in the long-term sustainability of our waterfront communities to learn more, and comment on the changes proposed by the Federal, and Provincial governments.   

New Mining Rules for Plans and Permits coming!

Mining and exploration activities in Ontario are set to change, and have recently been the subject public review.  FOCA and a number of our members have responded and continue to push for better rules for mining in Ontario.

Click here for more information.  


Nov.21, 2012: Melancthon Mega Quarry plan (Simcoe region) is no more. Read the news...

July 24, 2012 -Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund

Great Lakes Fund Map 2012As part of this latest initiative to protect and restore the Great Lakes basin, on July 23rd the Ministry of Environment launched the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund. Eligible activities include cleaning up a beach or shoreline, restoring a wetland, or creating a coastal or riverside trail.

Applications accepted until October 12, 2012.

The program provides up to $25,000 per project for local actions to protect the Great Lakes and the steams that flow into them.

More background about the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund


FOCA was in attendance at the Toronto press release as the Minister of the Environment introduced the Great Lakes Protection Act, a proposed bill to protect beaches, wetlands, coastal areas and waterways that flow into the lakes. Read about the Act.

2011 was the year of elections! Some Post-Election Analysis from FOCA:

Oct.20/11 - New Cabinet Sworn In - read the appointment details...

Ontario's provincial election was held October 6, 2011. The Liberals are back for another four year term, but this time with a Minority Government.

FOCA has made an analysis of the Election Results on behalf of our membership. Click here for results and changes to the top Provincial ridings by number of waterfront voters. Click here for results from Elections Ontario for all ridings.

FOCA was lobbying to the very end, on behalf of cottagers' rights to define their "residence" for the purpose of voting in the Provincial Election.

We continue to advocate on behalf of our membership on the issues that matter to waterfront property owners.

What did FOCA do to prepare for the Provincial Election?

FOCA approached the major political party leaders for a written response to questions of concern to our membership. Click here to read our questions.

We received the following important replies, listed in order of receipt:


reply from the PC Party

reply from the NDP Party

reply from the Liberal Party

Review the details, and weigh your options carefully on voting day.

FOCA encourages all waterfront property owners to lobby your local candidates on issues that matter. There is strength in numbers, and this is the time to be heard by your politicians.

RAISE YOUR VOICE: Political Lobbying for Cottagers - learn more about delivering your message successfully to your local politicians. 

September 2011:

Tips for voters:

Find your Electoral District by Postal Code.

Once you know your Electoral District, click here for the list of Candidates in your district.

Get info - where & when to vote from Elections Ontario.

Provincial Election: "Can I vote at the cottage?"

Yes! If you own multiple properties, you can vote at EITHER of your residences. It's up to you to decide which to designate your residence for the purposes of voting, and where your vote will make the greatest impact. If you choose to vote at the cottage, bring your picture ID (i.e., driver's licence) PLUS a tax bill from the cottage to the voting location in that Electoral District. Find your electoral district below.

Click here for an important update about voting at the cottage; print this out & take it with you when you go to vote.

Confused about defining your residence for the purpose of voting? View the full Ontario Election Act by clicking here.

Get more voting information from

What are the Key Party Promises in this election?

Green Party of Ontario website

Liberal Party of Ontario website

New Democratic Party of Ontario website

Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario website

Looking for some analysis of the issues?

Some candidates' responses about Energy

Some candidates' responses about Property Taxation

Click here for a summary from CTV Media

Summary by Subject (Energy, Environment...) from the Globe & Mail

Where the parties stand on Great Lakes issues

Want to help support our efforts to educate and advocate on behalf of waterfront property owners across Ontario?

FOCA is a non-profit, voluntary organization. Click here to learn more about how you can help, and what benefits you can receive by joining FOCA.

FOCA encourages all waterfront property owners to lobby your elected officials on issues that matter. There is strength in numbers; let's be heard.

RAISE YOUR VOICE: Political Lobbying for Cottagers - learn more about delivering your message successfully to your local politicians. 

Who's in charge? Follow these handy links to municipal, provincial and federal representatives:

Find Ontario Municipality links by region, county or district.

Find your current MPP's contact information on the Legislative Assembly of Ontario website.

Find your federal Member of Parliament using your Postal Code on the Parliament of Canada - House of Commons website.

Hot Topics at Cottage Life Show

Terry Rees spoke on the Main Stage of the Cottage Life Spring 2011 show about "Hot Topics" affecting waterfront property owners.

To review the results of the 2011 Federal Election, visit CBC's Politics page

Debate Peterborough Sept2011

Provincial Election All-Candidates Debate on the Environment - Peterborough Riding (Sept. 29th, 2011)

Terry Rees of FOCA moderated this 2-hour debate with the Peterborough Riding candidates. For media coverage and more info, click here.

Environmental_All_Candidates_Debate_April_2011_022_audience_WEBRESCandidates, media and a full house at the last all-candidates debate hosted by FOCA in April 2011 before the Federal election.

Prior to the May 2011 Federal election, FOCA co-hosted an "all candidates meeting on the environment" in Peterborough. Click here to see media coverage of the event (YouTube video from CHEX TV).

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