Federal Election 2015

Complete listing of Ontario’s recently elected MP’s, and the Federal Cabinet

Note: FOCA members are encouraged to contact your current Member of Parliament to introduce yourself, and to make your interests and concerns (and those of your local associations)  known to them as your elected leaders.

November 13, 2015 – PM posts new Ministerial Mandate Letters

October 20, 2015 – New Federal Government for Canada

Election Results Map

Click to see the whole Ontario political landscape, and who prevailed in your riding, on this interactive map (Courtesy CBC)

After almost 10 years of rule by the federal Conservative Party, Canadians voted in large numbers in the 42nd Canadian Federal Election for a Liberal government in Ottawa.

As far as Ontario goes, 80 (out of a total 121 in Ontario, total) of the Liberals’ 184 seats were won in this Province.  Liberals dominated in Toronto, but also through the Sudbury region, northwestern Ontario, and also captured a cluster of 5 seats through Peterborough, Hastings and Northumberland.  Conservatives hold virtually all the seats in rural southwestern Ontario, and much of rural central and eastern Ontario, including many “cottage country” ridings.

Other big news was the reversal in declines in voter participation. In the 2015 election, nationwide voter turnout was up by 7%.

FOCA thanks all the candidates who committed themselves to the important role of public representative as candidates for Member of Parliament, and the many Ontarians who took up their civic duty and voted in our democratic process.

Another interactive map (from Huffington Post)

Voter participation in Canada over the years:

Historical Federal Voter turnout graph

We look forward  to working with the newly elected government on our priority issues in the months and years ahead.

TR Tweet Oct19

FOCA’s Executive Director posted this tweet on Election Day

FOCA will be sending letters of introduction and congratulations to key cabinet minister and key cottage country MP’s as part of our commitment to work with the political leadership at all levels, to make progress on our members’ priority issues.

We encourage all our members to become familiar with your local candidates and provide your input in the months and years ahead – our elected representatives will do a better job when given input and feedback on the issues most important to you and your family!

Many of the Liberal perspectives / commitments were released as part of their party platform or in debates in advance of the election. These perspectives will help guide and inform FOCA’s interactions with the new federal government once they are fully in place (swearing in and cabinet appointments are expected November 4, 2015):

More Perspectives on the new Federal government


Election Day for the 42nd Canadian parliament was October 19, 2015. There are FOCA members represented in each and every Ontario riding.

Whose party is rising or falling in the polls? Check out the interactive CBC Poll Tracker

MegaphoneYour Role: FOCA encourages you to ask questions of your local candidates!

  1. Use Elections Canada’s online tool to find your federal riding and the names of your candidates.
  2. Click here to access questions to ask your local candidates in a Word document from FOCA that you can copy or amend.

Quick Links:

BUTTON asterixFOCA members take note: according to Elections Canada, if you declare your waterfront home as your “ordinary residence”, can produce the approved identification, and appear at the polling station with a neighbour that can vouch for your identity, you can vote in your cottage riding. Get details here: FOCA asks – Elections Canada answers

Update – August 24, 2015 – Don’t miss out on your chance to have your say! Elections Canada has posted information on “How to Vote” in the upcoming Federal Election, including:

  • button_VoteVote on advance voting days – October 9, 10, 11 and 12
  • Vote at one of 400 Elections Canada offices – (you can vote today!!)
  • Vote by mail
  • Vote on election day – Monday, October 19, 2015

Key policy files that may be important to consider as part of the Federal campaign, and reasons to get involved (vote):

First Leaders’ Debate of the 2015 Election was on Thursday, August 6 – Missed the debate? Here’s the full TRANSCRIPT or, WATCH THE YOUTUBE RECORDING

July 2015 – The Federal Government plays a key role in Canada’s federation.  In addition to specific constitutional responsibilities, the Federal government works with their provincial counterparts on many important aspects of public life, the economy, our communities and environment.

Federal Electoral DistrictsIt is important to note that Canada’s federal electoral map has changed following a recent redistriibution review.  Your electoral district – which is where you live and vote for your member of Parliament – may have changed as a result of the redistribution process.  You can find your new (as of 2013) electoral district on a map at this Elections Canada page; just type in your postal code in the “address” bar at the top right of the page.

Ontario has gained 15 new ridings (now 121 in total).  Across Canada (338 seats total), the boundaries in 70 per cent of the remaining ridings have changed. With over 1/3 of the total federal seats, Ontario has a fair amount of clout regarding national policy.


August 2015 –  FOCA’s colleagues at the Rural Ontario Institute conducted an online survey of over 400 rural stakeholders (residents, groups and others) in July 2015. Water quality in lakes, streams, rivers was one of the top 3 priorities, and was the issue most often selected as the “Highest Priority” for the Federal Election.

Based on the survey responses, ROI have produced a list of ten questions for Federal Election Candidates, based on the rural stakeholders priorities identified in the survey.

Questions for the Candidates – perspectives on using science to inform policy (from Evidence for Democracy)

Vote Compass : Take this questionnaire (@ 30 questions, takes about 10 minutes to complete), Vote Compass will analyse your responses and compare them with the policies of the 4 major political parties in the 2015 Federal Election.

Want to get our youth more involved in the election? Apathy is Boring is a non-partisan charitable organization that uses art and technology to educate youth about democracy.

August 2015 – Samara wants you to be ready to vote! First, take this quick quiz – Answer TRUE or FALSE:

  • You need to register to vote before going to vote.
  • You can use your voter information card as a form of ID.
  • You are required to show official picture ID to vote.
  • You should take a photo of yourself voting to share with your friends.
  • Students are required to vote where their parents live.

Samara says: If you answered ‘False’ to all of them, congratulations! You should apply for a job at Elections Canada! (Seriously, they’re hiring.) If you didn’t get 100%, don’t worry–we didn’t either. Elections Canada has made some changes to the rules regarding voting.

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Selected media stories:

August 2015 – Election Issues 2015: In depth campaign primers on key issues (MacLean’s Magazine)

July 20. 2015 – With election focus on urban Canada, influence of rural votes diminished (Hill Times)

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