How to challenge your property assessment

For 2016 onward, changes have been made to the Request for Reconsideration (RfR) and Appeal processes.

* NEW * Your deadline to file a RfR will depend on the mailing date on your property assessment notice.  The previous deadline (March 31 of each year) NO LONGER APPLIES. 

See this short video from MPAC about assessment, RfR and market trends in your area:

What should you do if you don’t agree with your assessment?

Step 1 – Visit
Step 2 – Contact MPAC at 1 866 296-6722
Step 3 – Ask MPAC to Review your Assessment through a Request for Reconsideration (RfR) – click here to see the [OLD] 2016 RfR form (pdf; 4 pages)

Read more, about these steps, below.

Learn more about the 4-year assessment cycle from MPAC, here.

What to do if you have questions about your property’s assessed value:

1 – Ask yourself if you could have sold your property for its assessed value on the latest valuation date (January 1, 2016)?

2 – Use AboutMyProperty (a free service) to make sure that it contains the most up-to-date information about your property. Note that MPAC have made some changes and on April 4, 2016 are launching a new site that should make it easier to see the information on file for your property and to compare your property with others in your area.  You will have to register with the Roll Number and new Access Key on your Property Assessment Notice for the 2017 to 2020 property taxation years. You will not be able to access the site until you receive this Property Assessment Notice in the mail.

Still concerned?

3 – Contact MPAC at 1 866 296-MPAC(6722) and ask to review the value of properties similar to yours (up to 24 of your choosing).  You can do this by visiting AboutMyProperty, and entering the User ID and Password included on your Assessment Notice, or, you can send a written request to:

Attention: GRAD
P.O. Box 9808
Toronto ON M1S 5T9
Fax: 1 866 297-6703

For areas of the province where mapping is not available, you can search at the municipal level through an address search. If you want to look up a property that is not in your neighbourhood, but still within your municipality, you can enter the address in the property search window to get a “Property Detail Snapshot”.

4 – If you still do not believe your assessed value is accurate, you can ask MPAC to review your assessment free of charge through a Request for Reconsideration (RfR).

RfR forms are available at or call MPAC to get a copy. You may also file your RfR electronically through AboutMyProperty. You will be able to attach documents, pictures and reports to accompany your RfR.

Write a letter requesting a RfR.  In your letter, please include the 19-digit roll number on your Property Assessment Notice; your full name, address and phone number; and all the reasons why you feel your assessment is incorrect. The mailing address is:

P.O. Box 9808
Toronto ON M1S 5T9

Timeline for the 2016 RfR

Residential Property Assessment Notices will be mailed out across Ontario between April and August 2016.

You have approximately 4 months to request a RfR (Please note your deadline varies depending on the mailing date on your 2016 assessment notice). MPAC reviews such requests within 90 days, however, properties with unique or complex circumstances (like rural or waterfront properties) could take longer. Once the RfR is completed, MPAC will notify you of the results of the review in writing. If an adjustment needs to be made, the municipality will also be informed of the change so that your property taxes can be adjusted accordingly.

5 – You may also choose to file an Appeal with the Assessment Review Board (ARB), an independent tribunal of the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General.

You have 90 days after MPAC has notified you of its decision on your RfR to file an Appeal with the ARB. The ARB has its own Appeal process. For more information, please contact the ARB at 1 800 263-3237or 416 314-6900or visit their website at To enquire about your eligibility in the farm or managed forest classes or conservation land exemption, contact MPAC for more information.

MPAC’s Role at an ARB Hearing

At an ARB hearing, the onus is on MPAC to prove the accuracy of the assessed value. MPAC will present comparable properties as evidence and will share that information with you prior to the hearing. You will also be asked to provide evidence to support your position.  Ideally, you should select properties that are similar to yours (for example, neighbourhood, lot dimensions, living area, age of structure(s) and quality of construction). Please contact MPAC if you have any questions.

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How can you get involved?

Speak up on behalf of your own property, and your own neighbourhood.

Your voice with your elected officials remains the most important tool to encourage a meaningful dialogue and action on property tax reform.  FOCA encourages all of our members to take an active role with their respective elected officials and policy makers.  Property tax issues as they relate to assessment reside with the Province of Ontario. Your Local municipality is responsible for setting the tax rate for different types of property, and importantly, setting the local Municipal Budget.

Your support of FOCA is another important step. FOCA works at the provincial level as the voice of waterfront property owners. Join us today.


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