Link to FOCA

Link to FOCA

FOCA members should be proud of their involvement and support for Ontario's waterfronts. Make sure your association has a link on the FOCA Members pages - and be sure to link from your site to FOCA!

If you are interested in adding a link to FOCA to your website, please feel free to use the code below:


<a href=""><img title="FOCA" alt="FOCA" src="/xinha/plugins/ExtendedFileManager/demo_images/reciprocal/foca_logo_xsm.jpg" height="40" width="112" /></a>


<a href=""><img title="FOCA" alt="FOCA" src="/xinha/plugins/ExtendedFileManager/demo_images/reciprocal/foca_logo_sm.jpg" height="58" width="173" /></a>


<a href=""><img title="FOCA" alt="FOCA" src="/xinha/plugins/ExtendedFileManager/demo_images/reciprocal/foca_logo_lg.jpg" height="72" width="230" /></a>
Sharing between our respective organizations makes our community stronger.

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