2015 RBC Canadian Water Attitudes

March 26, 2015 – RBC has released their 8th annual public opinion survey of Canadians on water issues.

Some observations from the survey:

  • While the majority of Canadians know how much their household pays for electricity, they are much less aware of what they pay for water
  • Canadians have limited knowledge of the condition of their water infrastructure
  • One in three Canadians have experienced flooding in parts of their community if not personally
  • Experience with flooding drives preventative behaviour – in other words, people who reported a recent flooding experince were roughly 1.5 times more likely to take precautions for the next time
  • Canadians who have experienced flooding in the past continue to worry that a flood could happen again

The results from this survey prompted the RBC expert panel to pose some key questions for a national conversation, including:

1. What will it take for Canadians to appreciate the value of drinking water?
2. How can we address the knowledge gap of our water infrastructure needs?
3. Are we preparing ourselves adequately for extreme weather?

Read the full report 2015 Canadian Water Attitudes Study



Terry Rees2015 RBC Canadian Water Attitudes