image: cover of 2016 Lake Stewards Newsletter

2016 FOCA Lake Stewards Newsletter

FOCA is very pleased to announce the release of our newest publication, the 2016 edition of our annual Lake Stewards Newsletter! Articles include:

        Meet the New FOCA President (p2)

Communicating Science (p3)

Broadscale Monitoring (p5)

Algal Blooms (p6)

Cottage Insurance Tips (p10)

Water Quantity Communications (12)

Hacking the Youngest Generation of Lake Stewards (p16)

Tackling Cellular Dead Zones (p19)

MPAC Property Assessment Update (p20)

Lake Partner Program (p22)

Click the image below to view the digital version of the publication. Use the arrow buttons to flip pages; click the magnifying glass icon to zoom in, or use the ‘four arrows’ button to make it full-screen.

Having trouble viewing the flipbook above? Click here! to download a PDF version (24 pages; NOTE – to reduce file size, images in the PDF may appear pixelated.)

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Michelle Lewin2016 FOCA Lake Stewards Newsletter