2017 FOCA Lake Stewards Newsletter

FOCA is very pleased to release the 2017 edition of our annual Lake Stewards Newsletter! Articles include:

        Why Cottage Country Needs You (p2)

Youthful Energy in Lake Associations (p3)

Changes in Cottage Country (p4-5)

“What Lurks Below?” – Ontario Fish Facts (p7-11)

Freshwater Jellyfish (p13)

Water Chemistry Lab (14)

Lake Partner Program Q&A (p15)

Nuisance Algal Blooms  (p16-17)

Building/Renovating a Cottage (p18-19)

Beyond the Building: Property Planning (p20)

Cottage Rental (p23)

Child’s Play & Lake Associations (p24)

Get Involved in your Community (p26)

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Michelle Lewin2017 FOCA Lake Stewards Newsletter