2019 Lake Stewards Newsletter

FOCA is very pleased to release the 2019 edition of our annual Newsletter!

Click here to download the 2019 FOCA Lake Stewards Newsletter (PDF, 32 pages)

Articles in this edition include:

Municipal engagement (p3)

AGM & Spring Seminar recap (p4)

Water extremes (p5)

Hydro seasonal class status(p6)

Mineral exploration: a member success story (p7)

FOCA’s review of Septic Re-inspection Programs (p9)

Asian carps (p10)

Association Tip: a standard photo/video release form (p12)

Lake Partner Program (p13)

Lake Association required filings (p14)

FOCA’s 2019 Road Survey (p16)

OPP Answers roads questions (p17)

Road Insurance Tips (p18)

Safe Quiet Lakes (p20)

Water Management & Waterpower (p22)

Septic Professionals (p23)

Tackling Cell Dead Zones in Eastern Ontario (p24)

Water Treatment Options (p26)

On Big Rideau, the Clock Ticks (p28)

Update from FOCA’s student videographer (p31)

Impact BINGO (p32)

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Michelle Lewin2019 Lake Stewards Newsletter