2020 Lake Stewards Newsletter

FOCA is very pleased to release the 2020 edition of our annual Newsletter!

Click here to download the 2020 FOCA Lake Stewards Newsletter (5 MB PDF, 32 pages)

Articles in this edition include:

Letter from the Executive Director (p.2)

FOCA Achievement Award (p.3)

Invasive Species: Eurasian Watermilfoil & Starry Stonewort (pp.4-5)

Water Management: in Conservation Authorities (p.6)

Water Management: Muskoka Watershed Advisory Group (p.7)

Eastern Ontario Cell Service Expansion Proposal (p.9)

Cottage Insurance (p.10-11)

Lake Partner Program (p.12)

Case Study: Use of LPP Data (p.13)

Lake Associations & Municipal Partners (p.14)

FOCA & OWA: Data Sharing (p.15)

Forestry: Associations Need to Know (pp.16-18)

Vegetation Maintenance (p.20)

Getting involved in Land Use Planning (p.21)

Over-salting our Lakes (p.23)

Grass Carp: Water Quality Impacts (pp.24-25)

LakeSmart 2020: The Virtual Edition (p.26)

Great Lakes Water Levels Planning (p.27)

Nature Fun at the Lake (pp.28-29)

Flooding & Property Assessments (p.30)

Walkerton, 20 Years Later (p.31)

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Michelle Lewin2020 Lake Stewards Newsletter