2021 Lake Stewards Newsletter

FOCA is very pleased to release the 2021 edition of our annual Newsletter!

Click here to download the 2021 FOCA Lake Stewards Newsletter (6 MB PDF, 32 pages)

In this issue:

The Changing Realities of Cottage Country /2

Lake Association Engagement: Through the Pandemic, and Beyond /4

Associations & COVID-19 Liability (by Ross Fraser) /7

Boat Wake & Boat Safety Regulations /9

Night Lights (by Robert Dick) /10

Septic Systems: Tips for Proper Effluent Screen Cleaning (by Sara Heger) /12

Invasive Moths /14

IsampleON /16

The Ontario Lake Partner Program: Tips & Tricks (by Liz Favot) /18

Lake Simcoe Act: 10 Years Later /21

Healthy Great Lakes Coalition /21

Preventing the Spread of Asian Carps /22

Green Shovels & Phragmites /25

Landscape Limnology: The Spatial Science of Water Quality (by Paul Frost) /26

Seasonal Electricity Pricing /29

Lake of the Woods Phosphorus and Algae /30

Cottage Succession /31

Healthy Shorelines – the ‘How’ and ‘Why’ /32

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Michelle Lewin2021 Lake Stewards Newsletter