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FOCA represents the people who live at the waterfront in Ontario, whether seasonally or year-round. Our members are lake and road associations, some very small and some very large, and every size in between.

Ontario borders on 4 of the 5 Great Lakes, and is blessed with over 250,000 named inland lakes that all need our care and attention.

  • 250,000

    # of residential waterfront properties across Ontario

  • 15,000

    # of kilometres of Ontario shoreline stewarded by private owners

  • 50,000

    # of hectares of privately-owned waterfront land in this province

Terry aerial view Severn Sound CROP 2012‘Cottage country’ matters to Ontario’s economy. Billions are spent each year by waterfront property owners in this province – on watercraft, septic systems, furnishings, food and drink, cottage maintenance and much more.

Waterfront property owners are a self-reliant and adaptable bunch. Despite the casual clothes and dock-side meeting locations, these are dedicated and passionate folks who are vested in the future and are intimately familiar with the resources, special attributes and changes happening on our lakes and rivers. Some live on relatively undeveloped land in low density regions; others live where lake capacity has already been reached, or even exceeded.

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April 2014 – The Ontario Ministry of Rural Affairs have released their Rural Roadmap (download pdf, 29 pages). Rural infrastructure, and a stronger economic base are among the key themes.

FOCA maintains a database on a variety of topics, as well as partnerships with collegial organizations, for additional member resources. Got a question? Search for information from FOCA…

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