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FOCA is the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations, a not-for-profit organization representing volunteer associations and individual property owners all across Ontario. We are your provincial voice.

  • 55+

    # of years of FOCA’s legacy

  • 500+

    # of FOCA Member Associations located across Ontario

  • 50,000

    # of waterfront property-owning families represented by FOCA

Our Mission:

To protect thriving and sustainable waterfronts across Ontario.

Read about our accomplishments, in our 2017 Year in Review.

Find out more about our history.

Our Vision:

FOCA will continue to be the pre-eminent Ontario-wide organization representing cottagers and permanent waterfront residents. FOCA will be responsible for promoting vibrant and sustainable waterfront communities through effective communication, education and advocacy. FOCA will:

  • Encourage and empower positive environmental stewardship by providing information and tools
  • Promote and provide leadership for sound public policy on key issues
  • Align with other key partners that support like goals and objectives

Our Organization:

FOCA operates under a governance board structure, and directs strategic priorities through a number of Committees that report to the Board of Directors.

For more about the Staff and Board, see: Our Team.

For an overview of current Board Committees, see: FOCA Committees in brief (PDF, 1 page)

Our Bylaws:

FOCA Bylaw #10 – Approved March 2016 (PDF, 6 pages)

Our Strategic Plan:

The Board of Directors has approved an updated Strategic Plan for FOCA – read it here:

FOCA Strategic Plan 2015-17 (PDF, 4 pgs)

Our Privacy Policy:

FOCA Privacy Policy – Approved June 2016 (PDF, 4 pages)

Our Priorities:

FOCA acts as an information bridge between policy-makers and property owners on significant issues, including:

  • The long-term environmental integrity of Ontario’s freshwater resources
  • Fair property taxation
  • Effective land use planning
  • Risk management for volunteer groups
  • Rural safety and emergency preparedness in the face of extreme weather developments in recent years
About FOCA

For over 50 years, FOCA has played a key role in waterfront Ontario.

Read more about our history

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Why does FOCA matter?

FOCA sits at the table where individuals cannot:

  • on the Hydro One Customer Advisory Board (since 2005) and at the Ontario Energy Board hearings (2014) to lobby for fair energy rates, prior to regulated price changes for 2015-19
  • at water level management meetings with the Ministry of Natural Resources, Trent Severn Waterway and other stakeholders concerned to enhance communications and emergency preparedness following Spring 2013 flooding in rural Ontario
  • on the Algonquin Land Claim Committee of External Advisors, prior to the release of the Preliminary Draft Agreement-in-Principal in 2013
  • on the Ministers Mining Act Advisory Committee for many years, to secure Mining Act changes that enhanced rural property owners’ land rights
  • on the Provincial Policy Statement Review – Northern and Rural Working Group, to ensure waterfront interests were considered in drafting the new PPS 2014.
  • at Parliament Hill, speaking before the 2012 Budget Subcommittee against the closure of the Experimental Lakes Area and changes to the Fisheries Act

FOCA: Your lake. Your lifestyle. Your legacy

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