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Action First Aid – AED Offer for FOCA Members

Update: October 2018 – Action First Aid has new information available for FOCA lake associations, about community “SaveStations” that can be placed in outdoor locations – download an information sheet (PDF, 1 page). 

Above: The Action First Aid crew participated in FOCA’s 2018 Fall Seminar, to show off one of these “SaveStation” units.

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Cardiac Arrest can occur anywhere, anytime to anyone. In an emergency, every second counts. Protect your family with an AED (Automated External Defibrillator). Get more information from Action First Aid by downloading this information sheet. (PDF, 1 page).

May 2018 – FOCA is pleased to report that our Corporate Sponsor, Action First Aid, offers a price discount to FOCA members on the Philips Home Defibrillator (AED):

image: asterix buttonimage of a Philips Home Defibrillatornow $1365.00+tax for a Philips Home Defibrillator from Action First Aid

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Michelle LewinAction First Aid – AED Offer for FOCA Members