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Nov 2013 – In October 2013, the U.S. Geological Survey confirmed the first evidence that grass carp are naturally reproducing in the Great Lakes, specifically in the Sandusky River, Ohio, a tributary of Lake Erie.

FOCA’s Tracy Logan adds, “this development may be a strong indicator that the more troublesome related species (Silver and Bighead Carp) may also be able to self-sustain a breeding population in the Great Lakes. This information should strengthen the resolve, from individuals, community groups, and governments at all levels – to take the necessary steps to avoid the introduction of these species in our Great Lakes.”

According to Associated Press, “Of greatest concern in the Great Lakes region are bighead and silver carp, prolific breeders that gobble huge amounts of plankton — tiny plants and animals that are vital to aquatic food chains. Scientists say if they gain a foothold in the lakes, they could spread widely and destabilize a fishing industry valued at $7 billion.”

FOCA members are reminded to report possible sightings of Asian Carp to the Invading Species Hotline at 1-800-563-7711, online at or on Ontario’s Early Detection & Distribution Mapping System (EDDMaps) website.

July 2013 – Letter from the Toronto City Council passing a motion to write a letter to the Federal and Provincial Ministers of the Environment to strongly urge the protection of the Great Lakes from the invasive species Asian CarpRead the letter here…

July 24 – (U.S.) Feds update plan to protect Great Lakes from carp – $50 million investment announced today (Associated Press)

July 2013 – FOCA writes to Toronto City Council in support of the motion MM37.16 to encourage Ontario and federal Ministers of the Environment and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to urge U.S. authorities to quickly and fully implement a preferred solution to the invasive carp issue.Read FOCA’s letter here…

July 2013 – New Report Tipping the Scales: How Canada and Ontario can prevent an Asian carp invasion of the Great Lakes

June 2013 – FOCA encourages every community to take action, and to take a stand against the invasion of Asian Carp into Canadian waters. Ask you local municipality to stand up and be counted.

Find out more from our friends at Ecojustice, and Freshwater Future – Click here.

Asian_Carp_Forum_logo_2012Nov.2012 – Terry Rees of FOCA joined a capacity crowd of key players from the U.S. and Canada at the Asian Carp Public Forum to discuss Asian carp control strategies, the extent of the issue, and what individuals can do to stop the introduction of Asian carp to the Great Lakes, and beyond.


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