Broad Scale Monitoring


IMPORTANT: If you encounter sampling on your lake, marked with orange MNRF buoys, please avoid recreational activities between and around the buoys, and do not lift the nets or buoys.

Since 2008, this long-term research has been conducted to monitor the health of Ontario’s lakes, to better understand the current state of fish and other aquatic resources, identify stresses on these resources, and report changes over time.

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For more information about Broad Scale Monitoring, see the article in the FOCA Spring 2011 Newsletter. (pdf, 2 pages) Topics covered include: Who are these people? Why are they out there? What are they doing?

BsM Poster imageAlso, review this fact sheet about Broad Scale Monitoring from MNRF. (pdf, 1 page – click to enlarge the small image at right)


May 2015 – FOCA has sent email notices to member Association Presidents on lakes that will be sampled as part of the 2015 Broad Scale Monitoring Program of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF).

Click here for the 2015 map of lakes being sampled… (pdf, 1 page)

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