Canada’s Census – supporting our communities

Update – January 2016: Just a day after taking office in Fall 2015, the new federal government announced that the mandatory long-form census — cancelled by the Conservative government in 2010 — would be reinstated for the 2016 census.

“Today, Canadians are reclaiming their right to accurate and more reliable information,” said Navdeep Bains, the newly named minister of Innovation, Science and Development.  With the next census, communities will “once again have access to high-quality data they require.”

NDP Science Critic Kennedy Stewart has said that “The new Minister must conduct a thorough review of what essential data we’ve lost and what surveys and publications should be reinstated.”  The previous government’s war on science cost us critical information on the social and economic challenges facing Canada – which could greatly hinder the government’s ability to provide services for Canadians.”

In response to a written question submitted by MP Stewart, the government provided a list of all  539 Statistic Canada surveys, tables, and publications that were discontinued from 2006 to 2015. Only in a fraction of cases (18%) did the government indicate that the data was still being collected and reported elsewhere.

FOCA believes that higher quality population data in rural  / waterfront Ontario will support the effective planning for important economic, social services and infrastructure decisions.

About Census Jobs:

January 2016: According to our most recent correspondence with StatsCanada, there are 35,000 census-related positions that require filling!

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Terry ReesCanada’s Census – supporting our communities