Environmental priorities in your municipality

January 2016 – Official Plans are prepared by the municipal and/or regional government to direct and guide the local municipality (or County/District) in policy planning and physical planning on a very broad basis.

An Official Plan has two basic functions:

Official Plan Dysart

  • It establishes a vision in which land use planning protects and enhances the local landscape, lifestyle and sense of community.
  • Using a strategic approach to land use planning, it sets out the general direction for planning and development by prescribing strategic goals, objectives and policies.

Further guidance for the actions and decisions of a municipal government may be in the form of municipal strategic plans, municipal budgets, economic development planning, sustainability plans etc.  Considerations for the environment can be embedded in these documents, or may be the subject of other municipal documents or specific commitments.

Spurred on largely by the “Blue Dot” campaign launched by the Suzuki Foundation, hundreds of Canadian municipalities have passed resolutions supporting their citizens’ right to a healthy environment.

As of January 1, 2016 many Ontario municipalities have signed such a declaration. One example from cottage country is from the Municipality of Dysart et al in Haliburton.

See the Dysart et al resolution, Dec 2015 (PDF, 1 page)

Ontario signatories to a “healthy environment” declaration (and the date the decision was taken) are listed below. Is your municipality on board?

Hamilton, ON  02-25-2015
Erin, ON  04-21-2015
Ajax, ON  04-23-2015
St. Joseph, ON  05-05-2015
King, ON  05-11-2015
Kitchener, ON  06-01-2015
Springwater, ON  06-01-2015
Waterloo Regional Municipality, ON  06-03-2015
Waterloo, ON  06-22-2015
Burlington, ON  07-13-2015
Wellesley, ON  07-13-2015
Kingston, ON  07-14-2015
Oakville, ON  07-20-2015
Muskoka Region, ON  07-20-2015
North Dumfries, ON  08-10-2015
Windsor, ON  08-24-2015
Wilmot, ON  08-31-2015
Brantford, ON  08-31-2015
Woolwich, ON  09-08-2015
Meaford, ON  09-16-2015
Guelph, ON  10-27-2015
Highlands East, ON  11-09-2015
Oshawa, ON  11-09-2015
Algonquin Highlands, ON  11-19-2015
Toronto, ON  12-09-2015
Milton, ON  12-14-2015
Stratford, ON  12-14-2015
Saugeen Shores, ON  12-14-2015
Dysart et al, ON  12-14-2015
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