FOCA Elert September 2014

Get all the updates that matter to waterfront property owners in the latest FOCA Elert!

FOCA Elert September 2014 (PDF; 5 pages)

PLEASE NOTE: the correct date for the upcoming Lake Links Workshop is October 25, 2014. An incorrect date was listed in the original version of the Elert.

This edition includes:

  1. an open letter from FOCA – “Would it be cottage country WITHOUT the loon?”
  2. how not to overdevelop Ontario’s lakes
  3. participate in 2 current SURVEYS: “lake plans into action” & “are you septic savvy?”
  4. municipal election update: ask your municipality about advance polls and online voting options
  5. update on the proposed Deep Geological Repository for Nuclear Waste
  6. tips for associations to help grow membership
  7. recent & upcoming events

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Michelle LewinFOCA Elert September 2014