FOCA input into renewed “Mineral Development Strategy”

June 10, 2015 – Ministry reply to FOCA’s May comments (see below):

Dear FOCA,

I want to thank you, Terry Rees, Ted Spence and your FOCA colleagues for taking the time to provide written comments on the renewal of Ontario’s Mineral Development Strategy (MDS). I would also extend a special thanks to Terry and Ted for attending and speaking on behalf of FOCA at our MDS information session held in Toronto. I want to assure you that all the feedback we’ve received is important to us and your comments, verbal and written, have been added to our compendium of feedback that will help shape the drafting of the new Mineral Development Strategy. We are currently reviewing all the feedback we received, including:

• Comments from over 300 participants at 22 engagement workshops held across Ontario
• More than 50 written and emailed submissions from industry associations, research organizations, Aboriginal communities, environmental groups, corporations and many other interested parties
• An internal MNDM staff webex

While it may seem like we’ve gone quiet, we are diligently working to put together a brief synopsis of all the comments we received to share with you in the near future.

Once again we are very thankful for your input.


Rogan Harpur

Engagement Coordinator
Mines and Minerals Division
Ministry of Northern Development and Mines

May 8, 2015 – As part of FOCA’s ongoing efforts towards sustainable and respectful mining and exploration in Ontario, FOCA recently submitted comments to the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM) with respect to the proposed Mineral Development Strategy (2015). The Province has an interest in supporting this important economic activity, spawning innovation in the sector, and improving the process for finding, developing, and maintaining mineral development in a global marketplace.

This “renewal” in 2015 is an update to the first-ever Mineral Development Strategy, produced in 2006.

FOCA’s interests have been primarily related to considerations for non-mining stakeholders, and for the long-term integrity of the natural environment when it comes to exploration, and mining operations.

Though “sustainable management and stewardship of mineral resources in Ontario” is part of the language guiding the MNDM renewal, the new strategy is largely focused on the slumping state of the industry, and meeting the obligations related to First Nations consultations.

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Terry ReesFOCA input into renewed “Mineral Development Strategy”