Hydro One rate hearings set for Sept. 2014

July 2014 Update: OEB Schedules formal Hydro One rate hearings for September

During the recent Ontario Energy Board “Settlement Conferences” covering Seasonal and other rate issues, there was no agreement on the 40+ issues in front of the Board. The OEB has subsequently scheduled 13 days of formal hearings in September to rule on Hydro One’s 2015-19 Distribution Rates Application.

FOCA will be there, representing the interests of members in all the residential rate classes.

Of particular interest will be a number of proposed rate classification changes that will have a small number of “winners” and many more “losers” amongst Hydro One waterfront ratepayers.

One proposal in particular involves a major reclassification of Seasonal customers that – if adopted – would see low use customers’ bills rise by over 100%!

Stay tuned for more updates from FOCA.

Terry ReesHydro One rate hearings set for Sept. 2014