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Lake Associations: a video

Why do lake associations matter? What can they do for you? Find out in this beautiful short film (5 minutes). Click below to view:

“Lake Associations” was launched by FOCA in November 2017. This video was filmed and produced by Chelsie Xavier-Blower as part of the Environmental Visual Communications program, a joint initiative of Fleming College and Royal Ontario Museum.

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Video Transcription

“Our lakes are a legacy from the glacial age. So they’ve been here, and they’ve been evolving, for ten-thousand-plus years here in Ontario. We’re here only recently, and just briefly.”

“I think, in an ever-increasingly busy world, the chance to spend time near the water is something that’s both soothing and good for the soul, and connects us back to what’s real, and our place in the world.”

“It’s more than just about being in nature. It’s about being with friends and being with your family, and spending time with them outside, and pushing yourself on a canoe trip, and learning to build a fire.”

“The cottage is a place of treasured memories: of catching frogs, late-night swims, campfires and family gatherings. It’s where we connect, year after year.”

“I’d like to think that our ongoing stewardship, and the efforts of our lake associations, will help ensure our kids and grand-kids will have the same wonderful experiences at the lake that we’ve had.”

(2:30) “Lake associations are an important part of the fabric of rural Ontario, where we’re pretty much disconnected when we’re at the lake. Your lake association can do things such as introduce you to your neighbours, have events where you can get together and meet people, and share common issues, concerns and things that are fun! They bring people together, and events are an important part of that.”

“Not only wildife species diversity, but there’s a lot of people-diversity on the lake!”

“Being a member of the association keeps you informed on what’s going on on the lake, and if there’s any issues that are coming up that cottagers should be aware of.”

“They also are a voice for the association with local politicians, so they can make sure they participate in good and informed land use planning, for instance. They also can be a source and a conduit for information about important changes to their lake, whether that’s about their environment, or things happening with their local municipality, emergency response, road closures, and all sorts of quality-of-life issues that impact us everyday at the lake.”

“My favourite thing about the cottage is that you see a lot of family, and you swim, and it’s really nice up here.”

(4:10) “I think in Ontario we have such a rich diversity of lakes and a rich freshwater resource. They add such value to the province. Certainly, living in Ontario, freshwater is such an important part of who we are.”

“By participating, and supporting, and joining as members to your lake association, people enable all of that volunteer energy that goes into keeping our communities great.”

“We are so blessed to live in a country, in a province, in the lake areas that we live in, and we need to look after it. It’s just part of being responsible for our world.”


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FOCA thanks the many volunteers and supporters for their assistance in the making of this film.


“Lake Associations” was filmed and produced by Chelsie Xavier-Blower as part of the Environmental Visual Communications program, a joint initiative of Fleming College and Royal Ontario Museum.

Copyright FOCA 2017

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