Membership Payment Processing

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Your payment will be processed in FOCA’s secure online cart, and the funds, along with your information, will be forwarded to your local Association.

If you experience any technical difficulties, please call the FOCA office during regular business hours and we can assist you! FOCA: 705-749-3622

About this service:

FOCA can help you collect your Association membership fees online using VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

How does it work?

  • FOCA will create a payment portal for your Association on the FOCA website where your members will click through to complete their transaction (see examples, above!)
  • Transactions are processed securely through TD Merchant Services
  • FOCA will forward the collected fees and contact information to the association on a quarterly basis

What are the benefits?

  • Members can pay their fees any time of day, any time of year
  • No more going cottage-to-cottage asking for cheques or cash
  • You can be confident that fees are being paid in a secure setting

What are the costs?

  • In order to cover our costs for the online service we will charge your association 4.5% on all transactions

Example: If 100 of your members pay their $50 membership fee ($5000 in fees) using our online service the cost to your association will be $225. This fee is comparable to what your association would pay to use PayPal or other online cart services.

Call the FOCA office at 705-749-3622 to discuss next steps, so your association can take advantage of this member service.

Michelle LewinMembership Payment Processing