New call for action: Lake of the Woods

January 2015 –  The other Ontario “Great Lake” – Lake of the Woods – is poised to tackle the challenges faced in the watershed, and move towards solving the regional problems of excess nutrients and algae blooms, invasive species, and surface and groundwater contamination.

On January 28, 2015 the International Joint Commission presented its Plan of Study (PoS) for the Lake of the Woods Basin and are now urging the Governments of Canada, and the United States to fund the 32 priority projects at a total cost of $8.4 million over 4 years.

The PoS was prepared over the past year in consultation with scientists and the public from around the basin.

The public consultations on the PoS yielded a strong message that the IJC and our Governments should “get on with it” and move from studies to solutions.

Find out more, including links to the Plan of Study and other relevant information, on the Lake of the Woods Water Sustainability Foundation website.


Lake of the Woods is over seventy miles long and wide, and contains more than 14,500 islands and 65,000 miles (105,000 km) of shoreline. It is located mostly in Ontario, but also occupies some of Manitoba, and Minnesota. The lake drains into the Winnipeg River and then into Lake Winnipeg. Ultimately, its outflow goes north through the Nelson River to Hudson Bay.

Lake of the Woods District Property Owners Association (LOWDPOA) is FOCA’s largest member association!

Terry ReesNew call for action: Lake of the Woods