Land Use in Cottage Country

New Provincial Policy Statement Released (2014)

Land Use in Cottage CountryFebruary 2014 –

Land use planning affects all waterfront property owners. By understanding the land use planning processes in your community you can ensure your voice is heard in local land-use decisions.

For the past three years, FOCA has been looking out for waterfront interests through our participation in the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) Review, as part of the Northern and Rural Working Group. The PPS provides policy direction for land use planning; however, this province-wide tool, largely focused on urban growth, has not always effectively served the interests of rural, northern or waterfront communities.

You can find a full details, at this link:   Provincial Policy Statement 2014 (pdf; 56 pages)

See also: Significant changes within the new PPS 2014 (pdf; 5 pages)





Michelle LewinNew Provincial Policy Statement Released (2014)