NEW Small Claims Court E-Filing

April 8, 2015 –  Ontarians can now file a claim in small claims court without ever entering a courthouse with the launch of a new online filing service. Individuals and businesses in Ontario can now file small claims court forms, and pay court filing fees online, 24-hours-a-day.

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Thinking of suing in Small Claims Court?

Small Claims Court handles cases where the amount of money or value of the goods involved is $35,000 or less.   When you go to Small Claims Court you do not need a representative, but you can have one if you want.

Reasons you can sue

  • You can sue to get money the defendant owes you under an agreement you have with them.
  • You can sue if you were harmed by something they did, or should have done but didn’t.
  • You can sue to get goods that you believe belong to you.

In all of the above cases if the amount you are claiming or the value of the goods is $35,000 or less you can sue in Small Claims Court

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Terry ReesNEW Small Claims Court E-Filing