FOCA in the News: Voices for Canadian Science Communication (Oct.2016)

October 2016 – FOCA’s Executive Director, Terry Rees, was among 100 Canadian voices featured in a social media campaign from Science Borealis, in support of science communication!

“Thanks to all the natural resources scientists who share their information with and through stakeholders and policy makers who need this information for informed decision-making!,” Terry wrote in his quote. Composite image of Voices for Science Comm“The Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations delivers a citizen-based long-term freshwater monitoring program, in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.”

> For a composite image of a dozen featured quotes, click the image, compiled by FOCA.

To view all 100 voices for science communication, visit Science Borealis:

For more about the Lake Partner Program of freshwater monitoring that Terry refers to in his quote, see FOCA’s webpage:

Michelle LewinFOCA in the News: Voices for Canadian Science Communication (Oct.2016)