Our blog is called FOCA-LL Point* which stands for FOCA “Lessons Learned.” Here, members can share knowledge and experiences, questions & answers.

Please add your stories by commenting on the blog posts, ask Association peers for advice, and let us know if you have an idea for a new blog subject. We hope this format will help our Members add their voices quickly and easily to the kinds of conversations that happen year-round, at FOCA in-person events, and through email or calls to the FOCA office.

Read the Blog Entries:

image: asterix buttonWhy are these blog posts password-protected? Access to the connections and information contained in these blogs is restricted to current FOCA Members, as one of several member benefits! If you are a FOCA Member, you will need your Web Login to access the blog entries. Don’t have one yet? Contact us for your Login.

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Why does FOCA need a blog?

Inquiries to FOCA usually begin like this:

Do you know anyone else who has a situation like mine about [running a regatta] / [recruiting new members] / [managing a private road] / […insert your question here…]?

While we may not have all the answers to every cottage-country question, we do have access to more than 500 member Associations all across Ontario; that is lots of different people, doing lots of different things.

FOCA already posts many Association resources online (just search by keywords!). Also, we hold in-person events each year, where Association representatives can meet and talk about what’s working and what’s not; but we believe this blog will enable our members to add their voices more quickly and easily to the conversation.

Please share your stories, ask for advice, and let us know if you have an idea for a new blog subject.

About our Blog name: We know! The word “focal” does not have two “L”s, and our “FOCA-LL POINT” blog is likely to raise the eyebrows of our greatest grammar friends, who have already noticed that the FOCA Elert (e-news alert) is creatively spelled, as well.

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