OEB Hearings June 2014 Update

June 2014 – FOCA Intervention into proposed Hydro One rate increases continues

At the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) hearings underway, FOCA continues to seek a just and reasonable allocation of costs among and within the Seasonal and Year Round classes, as we have waterfront property owners represented in all of these rate classes. FOCA remains strongly opposed to any customer reclassification proposals that would significantly aggravate the already dramatic rate increases proposed by Hydro One to the OEB for the period 2015-19. Fixed distribution charges are among the proposed changes that could reduce conservation incentives for prudent hydro users and could penalize low consumption customers.

As part of the background information for consideration of the OEB, Hydro One has been requested to publish their forecast for the redistribution of costs to the remaining rate classes – under a scenario wherein the Seasonal Class was completely eliminated. These estimations are expected back from Hydro One mid-summer.

All Hydro One year round residential and seasonal customers will be affected by many of the changes currently under consideration. 

Stay tuned for emerging information.

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Terry ReesOEB Hearings June 2014 Update