Is Ontario prepared for a nuclear emergency?

January 2020 – There’s no such thing as being too prepared in the (highly unlikely) event of a nuclear accident. Learn more.

January 30, 2018 – Is Ontario Prepared for a Nuclear Emergency?   For the first time since Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011 and following major criticism from the auditor general, the Ontario government has updated its nuclear emergency response plan. The Agenda discusses whether Ontario is now prepared for a nuclear disaster. (TVO)

July 2017 – The City of Toronto and Durham Region pressured the Province to push the deadline to submit comments in the emergency plan review back to July 28th. Durham Region, Ajax, Brockton and Amherstburg have all passed motions calling on the province to strengthen its nuclear emergency plans.

June 2017 – Blog post on nuclear emergency response   ( Dr. Cathy Vakil,  Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment)

May 18, 2017 – Over 40 public interest organizations (including FOCA) are concerned that gaps in Ontario’s nuclear emergency plans leave people vulnerable in the event of a nuclear accident on the Great Lakes.

Download the Backgrounder (PDF, 8 pages)image: Endorsing Organizations

Most people in southern Ontario live near an aging nuclear reactor, operating on either the Canadian or American shores of the Great Lakes.

In is important that the Government of Ontario ensures there are nuclear emergency response plans are in place to:

  • Protect people from Fukushima-scale accidents;
  • Protect vulnerable communities;
  • Protect drinking water;
  • Ensure transparency and public participation;
  • Meet or exceed international best practices.

Learn more about the government’s  Updated Nuclear Emergency Response Plan

MegaphoneProvide your comments (until July 28, 2017) via the Environmental Registry posting # 013-0560

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Terry ReesIs Ontario prepared for a nuclear emergency?