Ontario Provincial Election

The most recent provincial election in Ontario took place on Thursday, June 2, 2022.

The Progressive Conservatives won a second majority government. FOCA would like to congratulate all of the successful candidates, and would also like to make note of the continuing and new ministers in some key portfolios for our organization:
  • Graydon Smith, the former mayor of Bracebridge, becomes Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry
  • David Piccini stays as Environment Minister
  • Greg Rickford is the Minister of Northern Development and the Minister of Indigenous Affairs
  • Todd Smith stays as Minister of Energy
  • Steve Clark stays as Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing
  • Peter Bethlenfalvy stays as Minister of Finance.
You can see the full list of Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs), and their portfolios, here: https://www.ola.org/en/members/current
See the election results in an interactive map from CBC:


The term of office for elected provincial representatives is a four year term.

Earlier News:

1. Determine if you are eligible to vote, and ensure you are on the voting list:

Voting in Ontario: Official links from Elections Ontario

You can find your electoral district by postal code, here

image: asterix buttonQUESTION: I own two properties in Ontario. Can I vote in my waterfront community in the provincial election? response from Elections Ontario: “A voter can only vote in the electoral district that they consider home. Some voters may get more than one Voter Information Card, however by law a voter can only vote once {in a provincial election}.” 

Voter Information Cards are mailed to registered voters, letting them know exactly when and where to vote on the provincial election day. Elections Ontario reminds you to make sure you receive a Voter Information Card, by registering online now.

For this, and more Q&A, visit:   https://www.elections.on.ca/content/ngw/en/voting-in-ontario/frequently-asked-questions.html

2. Learn which candidate in your community best represents your position on the issues that mean the most to you and your family! Here are some example questions to ask your provincial candidates:

Will your party: create healthy sustainable communities and respect the authority of local jurisdictions to manage local planning?

Will your party: stop freezing communities out of planning decisions by restoring reasonable supports for engagement in Local Planning Appeals Tribunal (LPAT) appeals, and end use of Minister’s Zoning Orders (MZO) for anything other than areas lacking planning controls or issues of true provincial interest?

Will your party: keep our taps flowing fresh by protecting water sources and water quality?

Will your party: affirm and support the role of Conservation Authorities in protecting watersheds and natural systems?

Will your party: embrace forward-looking planning processes like regional, strategic, and comprehensive environmental assessments, and restore the requirement for assessments for public sector projects while extending coverage to environmentally impactful private sector projects, including forestry, mining and smelters?

Review party platforms here:

More tools:

Vote Compass: compare your views to party platforms for the 2022 Ontario election (CBC)

Get tips on raising your political voice, and getting your issues on your candidates’ radar, from our webpage: https://foca.on.ca/raise-your-political-voice-tips-from-foca/

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News from the last provincial election (2018):

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May 20, 2018 – Want to vote ‘none of the above’ in Ontario’s election? Here’s how you can (Globe and Mail)  All of us have a right and a duty to have our say on election day. Vote for one of the parties, if you can. Decline your ballot, if you must. But be heard.

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We grew to 100,000 Facebook fans without spending a cent on advertising. We have 100,000 e-mail subscribers. We don’t have to spend money and we can still reach millions of people every week.

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May 4, 2018 – Young people are paying attention to Ontario’s election (Toronto Star)

“Young people are twice as likely to believe that they can’t vote… In fact, any citizen can show up on voting day with valid identification to prove their eligibility on the spot.

“Millennials are far more likely (51 per cent) to say they lack enough information “to make an informed decision” at election time — compared to roughly one in three older adults (and only one in four seniors)… and are more than twice as likely as other adults to say they want access to more political reporting.”

In this election season young people may be more motivated, but they also know what they don’t know — and that they need to know more.

April 26, 2018 – An unimpeachable source lobs an unavoidable bomb into Ontario’s election Ontario’s auditor general says the Liberals’ deficit estimates are very wrong—which will affect every party running in the coming election (Maclean’s)

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November 26, 2017 – You can argue it’s ‘Liberal lite,’ but Ontario PC platform offers a pathway to victory (National Post)  See the PC 2018 party platform “People’s Guarantee

November 15, 2017 – The Ontario Liberals’ Fall Economic Statement 2017

Fall 2017 – Ontario NDP vision document It’s about change. It’s about you.

June 13, 2017 – Is the third time the charm for Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner? (TVO)

September 2017 – Elections Ontario has launched an e-registration portal. Click here to view.

June 7, 2017 – How Ontario’s 2018 election campaign will be different from 2014 (CBC)

Bill 115, Electoral Boundaries Act, 2015, received Royal Assent on December 3, 2015. Bill 115 increases the number of electoral districts from 107 to 122, following along the boundaries set out by the federal 2013 Representation Order for Ontario, while preserving the special boundaries of the 11 seats in Northern Ontario set out in the 1996 redistribution. Two new districts have been created in Ontario’s Far North.

Bill 45, the Election Statute Law Amendment Act, 2016, received royal assent on December 8, 2016. This Bill fixes  the election date to the first Thursday in June of the fourth calendar year.

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