Cottage Succession Talk #2: Cottage Sharing Agreements


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This is the second video in FOCA’s Cottage Succession video series.

Note: If you are new to the topic of Cottage Succession, we recommend that you begin with the introductory seminar first:

Cottage Succession A to Z with estate lawyer Peter Lillico.

About the Cottage Sharing Agreements DVD:

In this 1-hour seminar with estate lawyer Peter Lillico, you will receive in-depth information about one of the most important steps in planning your cottage succession: creating a Cottage Sharing Agreement.

20160527_140233_352_resizedThe video includes discussion of:

  • What is a Cottage Sharing Agreement?
  • When is it needed?
  • What are some advantages, restrictions and pitfalls along the route?

This is a recorded seminar session with estate lawyer Peter Lillico. It includes a question and answer session at the end,  asking many of the most common questions. You are also welcome to follow-up directly with Peter by email or phone after viewing the video. His contact information is provided in the talk.

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