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Use this portal to purchase access to digital recordings of the FOCA Cottage Succession Seminars with estate lawyer Peter Lillico.

There are 4 video recordings in the series. Each digital recording is 90 minutes, including an introduction by FOCA, a talk by estate lawyer Peter Lillico, and a question and answer session at the end covering many of the most common questions. You are also welcome to follow-up directly with Peter by email or phone after viewing the video. His contact information is provided in the talk.

After your payment has been confirmed by the office during business hours, you will receive an email with the online link(s) to view the recording(s) as many times as you wish. Internet is required to view the video posting(s).

Our thanks to Peter for allowing us to sell access to these recording as a fundraiser for FOCA!

Special pricing for purchasing access to multiple sessions:

  • 1 recording for $40 + HST = $45.20
  • 2 for $75 + HST = $84.75
  • 3 for $100 + HST = $113.00
  • all 4 for $120 + HST = $135.60

(HST 13% #105211494RT0001)

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