June 13, 2014: Provincial Election Results

Ontario has elected a Majority Liberal government.  Find your riding information here. You can also see the (unofficial) list of elected MPP’s on the Ontario Legislature website.

As your Provincial advocates, FOCA will remain focused on the priority issues that affect our communities, and our families.

While details are notably absent from the recent Liberal plan, we will pay particular attention to the effective delivery of the mandates of the Ministries of Natural Resources, Environment, Municipal Affairs and Housing, and Energy.

Among the highlights from the most recent Liberal fiscal plan are a commitment to  eliminate the $12.5-billion deficit by 2017-18, and to invest $14 billion in roads, bridges, highways and transit projects outside the GTHA.

You can see the whole 2014 Ontario Budget here.

Michelle LewinJune 13, 2014: Provincial Election Results