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FOCA’s “Real Estate Champions”

Launched in 2016, this program is one of many ways FOCA works to support lake associations across Ontario. FOCA encourages everyone to join their local lake association!

FOCA’s Real Estate Champions pledge to purchase one-year memberships in local lake associations in the name of their clients who purchase waterfront property in Ontario cottage country. FOCA can help connect our Champions to local lake associations. Where no local Association exists, the Champion would instead make a one-year gift of FOCA Individual Supporter status for their client.

Why should you consider joining us as a FOCA Real Estate Champion? Read onward, or download a 1-page PDF with more information about this program.

We’re looking for a few great Champions. Are you one of them?

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Resources for Real Estate Agents:

Why Lake Associations Matter:

Local residents are enriched and become involved in community matters through their local lake associations. These groups provide social and community connections to their member families, help with building neighbourhood networks, and provide important local connections related to safety, the local economy and service providers, and information about being good neighbours, while enjoying everything our lakes have to offer.

How Real Estate Agents can help:

At the time of purchase, many families will not appreciate all that the local area has to offer, what local events or organizations exist, or what they can do as owners to enhance and contribute to a healthy and thriving lake community. That’s where their realtor comes in: by connecting your customers to their local associations, people can instantly get plugged in to local culture, events and decades of experience.

Best practices to follow:

  • Encourage the buyers or sellers to have their septic system properly inspected – a lids off inspection – by a licensed inspector
  • Never encourage sellers or buyers to remove vegetation, other than dead and dangerous trees, within 15 metres of the shoreline
  • Encourage buyers or sellers who wish to create a water view through trees to limb up or trim a “window” through the trees rather than cutting trees down
  • Provide every new owner a package of local information, environmental tips, etc. from FOCA, or others. (available at the realtor’s cost through FOCA)
  • Provide new owners with a gift membership in the relevant lake association!

Download a 1-page PDF version of this information.

We’re looking for a few great Champions. Are you one of them? Contact FOCA today.

FOCA has many resources for waterfront property owners, and the real estate agents who assist them. Check “Related Posts” below, for a few handy references.

image: Andrew Marshall

Andrew Marshall, FOCA’s first Real Estate Champion!

October 2016 – FOCA was very pleased to announce our first “FOCA Real Estate Champion,” Andrew Marshall, “The Paddling Realtor.”

FOCA and Andrew Marshall are working together to promote local lake associations to new property owners in cottage country! We know that owning waterfront property comes with lots of benefits, as well as responsibilities. Part of FOCA’s pledge is to help connect new property owners with their local lake association.

Andrew says, “Who has answers about the water quality, dump hours or local turtle species in your cottage country community? Lake associations do!

As an avid canoer and outdoorsman, Andrew has a keen love of Ontario cottage country and appreciates the principles of sustainability. That’s where FOCA and our member associations come in. Andrew has pledged to gift a one-year membership in a lake association to his clients when they purchase waterfront property in Ontario cottage country. “Getting connected with your lake association is a great way to start your cottage years on solid footing,” Andrew says.

FOCA adds, “We are thrilled to welcome Andrew, ‘the Paddling Realtor’ as our first FOCA Real Estate Champion! Together, we will help new property owners get connected to their local lake associations, and to find critical information about septic systems, healthy shorelines, biodiversity and much more.”

Connect with Andrew:

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