Reforms to Provincial Land Tax underway

November 2017Province finalizes PLT reforms – Move intended to address funding gaps to service unincorporated areas, and to lessen the inequities that have developed between PLT and northern municipal property taxes. Residents of unincorporated areas both in school tax areas AND outside of school tax areas will pay a universal annual tax of $250 per $100,000 of assessed value. Annual changes to residential PLT to be phased in from 2018 to 2021.

August 2014 – Residents of northern Ontario are facing changes to the way (and the amount) they are taxed.

In the 2013 Ontario Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review, the Province announced they would be reviewing the Provincial Land Tax (PLT).  This was subsequently re-announced in the 2014 Provincial Budget.

While the review is underway, PLT rates for 2014 have been frozen at 2013 levels.

The PLT is a property tax that applies in unincorporated areas outside municipal boundaries in Northern Ontario.

The justification: Ontario has had flat revenues from the PLT for decades, and in an era of steadily increasing municipal taxes – there are now some large differences (inequities) in the amount people pay in property taxes in nearby jurisdictions.

According to the Province of Ontario:

  • 43,307 seasonal and permanent households, and a total of 69,000 properties, are subject to the PLT
  • The total Provincial Land Tax (PLT) Revenue is $11 Million; the additional revenue for Local Roads Boards (LRB) and Local Services Boards (LSB) is $9.3 Million
  • The average residential PLT paid is $140

Interested parties can submit their comments or questions to:

or in writing to:

Ministry of Finance
Provincial Local Finance Division
777 Bay Street
10th Floor
Toronto ON M5G 2C8

Contact the Provincial Land Tax Office in Thunder Bay ( with any questions about your provincial land tax account, payments, or any other general inquiry:

Local Calls: 1 807 625-2122
Toll Free: 1 866 400-2122


To learn more about the consultations happening through mid-late 2014, click here.


Terry ReesReforms to Provincial Land Tax underway