Website Options for Lake Associations

In this digital age, is your Association reaching the most potential members at your waterbody?

FOCA offers the following member service to lake associations looking to create and maintain a web presence:

gould-lake-webpage-imageFOCA hosts your Webpage – As one of many member Association benefits, FOCA can post a basic webpage for our member Associations who want an online presence, but who lack the technical expertise to maintain one. As an example of this type of solution, click the image at right to visit the webpage created by FOCA for the Gould Lake Ratepayers Association.

Here’s a testimonial from one of our members:

“FOCA’s latest offer to create a free website for members has added immensely to our visibility.  It not only keeps us connected to our neighbours but allows like-minded organizations to find us.” ~G.L.R.A.

Details of the FOCA Member Offer:

  1. FOCA will host the webpage at no additional charge to your association, as long as your Association remains a full Association member in good standing with FOCA.
  2. Your webpage will exist as a sub-page of the existing FOCA website, with its own unique URL (web address), along these lines:
  3. The member Association will provide the info to be posted. The FOCA office can provide a template with some general headings of information to get you started; however, you are welcome to suggest additional or alternate info to post.
  4. Lacking the manpower to handle lots of web updates, FOCA will not post info that needs regular updating, but rather general information about your waterbody and Association. (Note: If the Association has a Facebook page, we can link to that from the FOCA-based webpage, since you have more control on Facebook to make your own time-dated postings, image uploads and news updates.)
  5. You may provide a handful of PDF documents or images or Association logo to be included on the webpage. An image of your Association in action would be great!

Benefits to the Member Association:

  • No technical knowledge of web design required
  • No webpage creation costs for your Association
  • No annual hosting costs to your Association
  • Good search engine optimization (FOCA webpages rank high on internet searches), which increases the chance of someone finding you if they do a web search on Google
  • Protection of your personal contact info: If you do not want to post anyone’s personal contact info online, we can set the “Contact us” link to route to the FOCA office, and then can forward along any enquiries to your association representative by email.

Limitations of this Offer:

  • FOCA will create a single webpage for each member Association, upon request, and as staff time permits. No sub-pages or content that requires regular updates should be included. A limited number of images and PDF documents can be accommodated.
  • FOCA takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided by the member Association.
  • The webpage will remain live as long as your Association remains a full Association member in good standing with FOCA.
  • FOCA accepts no liability for internet or power outages, or other reasons why the Association webpage or the FOCA website might be unavailable at any given time.

Download a printable version of this information (PDF, 2 pages).


In FOCA’s 2015 Member survey, respondents told us that nearly half of our member groups do not have a website. This is a lost opportunity to connect with new members!

Not all associations have a budget line for a website, or the technical expertise to create one or keep it updated. Some associations have called upon (young) friends to step in to this role. Some have noted shortly thereafter that they have no idea how to update their own website, and the friend is no longer available to the association.

Now, FOCA provides this service to our member Associations – just one more reason to be an Association member!

Contact us to start the planning process for your Association’s web presence, today.

Michelle LewinWebsite Options for Lake Associations