Wetlands – Have your Say

October 2015 -The Province of Ontario is developing a strategic plan to better conserve Ontario wetlands and they want public input.

The deadline for comments is October 30, 2015. (Visit www.ebr.gov.on.ca and entering posting number 012-4464).

If you worry about the future of your favourite fishing hole, where you hike or walk your dog, about climate change impacts, or about algae taking over our lakes – you have a stake in the future of wetlands. Wetlands are natural solutions to these problems.

The province is taking a closer look at Ontario’s current policies and programs and is developing a new plan and a series of actions to stop the net loss of wetlands. Anyone interested in the appropriate management and conservation of our natural heritage is encouraged to review the Discussion Paper on Wetland Conservation, and to provide their comments as part of this consultation. Note this discussion paper is a valuable source of information about the management of aquatic resources in Ontario.

Note: According to a 2011 study by the University of Guelph and Ducks Unlimited, wetlands currently remove harmful phosphorus from Lake Simcoe and save local municipalities about $300,000 a year for this ecological service. 

New tool for understanding your local natural heritage!

MNRF Custom Wetland MapA new MNRF web application allows you to make a custom map of your region’s wetlands, natural heritage, and areas of natural and scientific interest, among other features. The tool also shows topographic information such as roads, rivers and municipal boundaries.

We are keen to hear how you or your association uses this new resource! Keep FOCA posted: info@foca.on.ca

Terry ReesWetlands – Have your Say