Insurance & Risk Management Overview

The FOCA Association Insurance Program

For over 20 years, FOCA has provided risk management and insurance programming support for Ontario’s waterfront community associations. The FOCA Insurance Program is our largest and most significant association membership benefit.

FOCA is not an insurance agent, and membership in FOCA does not afford any automatic insurance coverage.

Read onward for general information about Risk Management and FOCA’s work to protect our members.

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FOCA and Cade Associates:

Since July 2012, FOCA has been pleased to partner with Cade Associates Insurance Brokers Ltd. for our members’ insurance needs. Cade Associates is the exclusive provider of insurance services for the FOCA Association insurance program.

You can talk to Cade’s professional staff about any of your insurance questions and remember to tell them you’re a FOCA member!

Why Risk Management Matters

A seat on the board of directors or active participation in an association’s activities can be both challenging and enjoyable. It does, however, carry more personal accountability than many volunteers realize. Due diligence and proper safeguards can help to minimize the risks inherent with serving as a director or volunteer with a cottage association.

In March of 2008, FOCA enlisted the support of the Imagine Canada Insurance & Liability Resource Centre for Non Profits , covering “Enlightened Risk Taking”, and to review the basics of insurance coverage that every association should understand and consider.  The underlying tenet of the workshop, and of the accompanying Risk Management Manual, was to inform our volunteer associations about lowering the risks involved in their activities, mitigating the damages from potential financial or other losses.  FOCA’s aim is to help “Protect our people” – volunteers are the lifeblood of our membership.

FOCA Risk Management Manual coverThe FOCA Cottage Association Risk Management Manual was originally produced in 2005 to assist local associations to identify and manage risks associated with their activities. It was updated in 2008.

Risk Management Manual p51The FOCA Risk Management Manual (244 pages) was developed for FOCA by Imagine Canada’s Insurance & Liability Resource Centre for Non Profits.

  • FOCA Members may download a free copy of the FOCA Risk Management manual, a valuable tool for assessing your association’s liability concerns.

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