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FOCA’s Toolkit for Associations

FOCA wants lake associations to thrive!

Our Member Associations have special access to resources and information that is tailored to help Ontario lake and road associations.

Links to these resources are provided below…

You Asked: “How can we best use FOCA resources and show the value of our membership in FOCA?” PDF - Associations use FOCA resourcesClick to download FOCA’s answer (PDF, 1 page), including links to our top tips!

Association “Toolkit” Resources:

Association gathering courtesy R.French

NOTE: You will need your FOCA Member Login to access some of these materials. Apply by email, and we will send you back your member Login, during business hours.

Member resources related to governance during COVID-19:

Tips for holding an AGM during the pandemic, banking advice for not-for-profit account holders, governance advice during the pandemic, and more…

Looking for info on a particular topic?

1) Visit the Resources page  and type a word (or words) into the “SEARCH” box to find all FOCA information posted on that topic.

2) Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact the FOCA office.

Additional Resources

Get additional resources for nonprofit organizations, here: with information about holding meetings, taking minutes, incorporating, and more.

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