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FOCA works in our priority areas on member programming and support and/or in policy development.

For many other issues, FOCA may be able to provide other indirect assistance, or address individual matters through our library of resources and contacts, through our partners and other supporters, or by way of occasional updates to the membership.

FOCA members are faced with many common or recurring issues - if you have a success story, or have some expertise that can be brought to bear on an important waterfront issue, please contact us.  

2013 Federal Cabinet Shuffle

Find out Who's Who in the new Harper Cabinet (CBC)

Notable new additions include:

Environment: Leona Aglukkaq

Science and Technology / Fednor: Greg Rickford

2011 Federal Election 

The Federal level of government is responsible for a significant portion of income taxes, and has legislative responsibility for a number of waterfront issues, including fisheries, navigable waters, telecommunications (cellular towers), etc.

Since the 2011 election, there have been significant changes to the responsibilities and funding for key "waterfront" files.  Most of these relate to to a diminished role and responsibilities for the environment (read more). 

After the fourth federal election in less than seven years, on May 2, 2011, Canadians voted for a Conservative majority government  -  for the first time in almost 25 years.   Almost half of the cabinet ministers appointed on May 18 are from Ontario.

This includes Jim Flaherty who was reappointed as finance minister, and Muskoka‚Äôs  Tony Clement, appointed as president of the treasury board.   Other notable Ontarians in Cabinet posts include Peter Kent (Environment), Joe Oliver (Natural Resources), and Gary Goodyear (Economic Development for Southern Ontario).  MP Keith Ashfield (New Brunswick) is responsible for Fisheries and Oceans,  MP Christian Paradis (Quebec) is Minister of Industry (Telecommunications). 

You can see the full Cabinet list here.

Ontario has 106 of the 308 Federal seats.   

To find your riding by postal code, and find out who your candidates are, visit the Elections Canada website

Provincial election - October 6, 2011

The Province of Ontario is responsible for many of our overarching interests as waterfront property owners, including the management of our natural resources, land use planning guidance, transportation, crown lands, taxation and many other important facets of our lives. 

You can find out more detail about the upcoming Provincial elections here

2010 Municipal elections

Many thanks to everyone who exercised their democratic right to vote in the October 25 Ontario Municipal Elections.  Depending on where you live, your local representatives will be either extremely familiar to you (or identical to the previous council in some cases), or will be potentially entirely new.  

FOCA encourages our members and all individuals to get involved, and to voice their interests at council. Many municipal committees are struck at the very beginning of a Council's term, and many include citizen members.  If you have a passion or interest in the affairs of your local community (e.g. Committee of adjustment, library board, recreation committee, etc), contact your  municipal Clerk. Municipal contacts for your area can be found on the Regions/Members pages of this website (note they will be updated with the newly elected representatives' contact information, soon)  

Get to know your elected representatives, and stay in touch!  The term of office for elected representatives is December 1st, 2010 to November 30th, 2014 (a four year term).

Other Programs
Off-season is the most dangerous time for cottage vandalism and damage. Read these Cottage Closing Tips from FOCA and use this handy checklist.

FOCA has been looking out for waterfront issues for over 45 years.  Get involved!

Links and downloads:

October 2013 - What the Nova Scotia provincial election says about our "first past the Post" system. Globe and Mail 

October 2009 Landmark OMB decision on dissolving the municipal ward system; Kearney, Ontario

Video - Vote by Mail Tutorial

What does the mail in ballot look like?
Ballot sample and declaration form sample provided by Datafix

2010 Municipal Election - Questions for Candidates

2010 Municipal Election Info Sheet

"Candidates Woo Lakefront Owners"
- The Peterborough Examiner, Aug 2010

"Can your municipal candidates answer these questions?"
- Penny's Blog, Cottage Life Magazine

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