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FOCA works with a limited number of reputable companies who share our vision of thriving and sustainable waterfronts across Ontario.

Sponsors at FOCA AGM

Corporate sponsors interacting with lake association representatives at a FOCA event

For over 50 years, our organization has been involved in issues that matter to waterfront property owners. FOCA represents individuals as well as 500 lake and road associations with a combined membership of 50,000 families.


Deliver your message to this significant market. Invest in the future of Ontario’s freshwater communities. Your sponsorship makes FOCA programs possible.

Lunch and Sponsors HydroOne Xplornet SOS Milfoil WEBRES AGM 2013Sponsors receive complimentary ad placement in the annual FOCA Newsletter, in addition to other benefits. Click below to review the benefits of sponsorship:

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Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

  • Travelers Canada


  • Sunspace Sunrooms

  • Aviva

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  • Dock in a Box



Our sponsors support our work; please, support them!

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