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Citizen Science – An Overview

We all love our waterfront environments, and want to ensure that the activities and experiences we treasure today will still be possible for future generations. Citizen scientists and lake stewards are essential in helping to maintain and improve the quality of Ontario’s inland lakes. Having dedicated volunteers who take the time to measure and report on changes will play a vital role in keeping our waterbodies healthy.

Citizen scientists are involved in the Lake Partner Program of water quality monitoring, as well as numerous “watches” and surveys of flora, fauna and environmental conditions.

Find out more about how you can get involved, and why Citizen Science matters, in this short video introduction from FOCA, featuring some of our great volunteer lake associations:

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NEW: 2018 – Download a copy of FOCA’s digital publication, A Guide to Citizen Science at the Lake, which includes chapters about why to monitor, how to classify your lake, designing a water sampling program, an overview of Ontario Citizen Science Monitoring Programs, and an introduction to invertebrate sampling and identification.

Ongoing monitoring has benefits for our future. Long-term data shows baselines and trends within watersheds, and highlights outliers or changes. Being involved as a Citizen Scientist can connect you to your local community and your natural environment.

For more about Citizen Science monitoring programs for adults and kids to consider, visit:

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August 2018 – link to this CBC News article about citizen scientists helping to track the movement of black widow spiders in northeastern US and southern Ontario.

Michelle LewinCitizen Science – An Overview