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You are joining 250,000+ families who live on water and dearly love Ontario’s camp, cabin, and cottage experience at the waterfront. FOCA’s members live here, seasonally or year-round.

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We have tips and hints to help you get the most out of the cottage country experience. Spend a few minutes with FOCA’s Executive Director Terry Rees in one of the videos below…

Video resources:

New to cottage country, or thinking about buying a cottage? Start here: Watch this video (online; 7 mins) for tips from FOCA about choosing an area, finding the perfect cottage or building your own, learning about your property, and connecting with the local lake association.


Ready to “make the jump” to more time at your cottage this year? Here’s what you need to know. Watch the video discussion (online; 15 mins) with FOCA and our partners at Cottage Life, for tips about year-round considerations and how to get the most out of your cottage investment. This video was part of the Main Stage presentations at the Virtual Cottage Life Show in March 2021.

Be #WakeAware: An important message about sharing the lake with others. Learn about the impacts of boat wake on shorelines, loons and other water users, and how to reduce your wake or take it to the right zone, in this video created jointly by FOCA, the Muskoka Lakes Association and Safe Quiet Lakes. Watch now (online: 1 min)

Natural Shorelines Matter: Wondering about the reasons behind our love of “natural” shorelines and what we mean by that? Spend a couple minutes with FOCA’s Terry Rees in this video about the role of shoreline plants in water quality, fish habitat, goose deterrence and erosion control. Watch now (online; 2 mins)

Additional Video Resources from Partners:

Check out this 4-part video series! While these ‘what you need to know’ videos were created at Lake Huron, the information is widely relevant:

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How many of these subjects did YOU know about already?

Review FOCA’s checklist of Top Tips for Living in Cottage Country (PDF, 1 page) with more about these important topics.

Download a cottage opening and closing checklist (PDF, 2 pages) from FOCA.

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