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FOCA Achievement Award

Nominate your association for the next FOCA Achievement Award!

Large or small associations can apply, and accomplishments should be current, but can include long-standing efforts.

Apply by November 30th. 

Click here to download the Nomination Form (PDF; 3 pages) which is a fillable form you can complete, save to your computer, and email to FOCA as an attachment.

October 28, 2021 – Nominations for FOCA achievement awards due Nov. 30 (Toronto Star)


Nominees for the next FOCA Achievement Award must be Association Members of FOCA, in good standing. Nominations can be submitted until November 30th of the year. The award recipient will be announced the following February, and the award is presented in person at the FOCA Annual General Meeting in March. (A representative of the association is asked to attend the AGM to present a brief presentation about the work undertaken.) See more nomination details below, under “Criteria for Nomination.”

The latest FOCA Achievement Award was presented at the March 2021 FOCA Annual General Meeting and Spring Seminar. Congratulations to the recipients:

2020 FOCA Achievement Award Recipient: Long Point Ratepayers’ Association

John Henderson accepts the Award on behalf of LPRA, from Tony Lepine (Chair of the FOCA Member Services and Benefits Committee) at the AGM & Spring Seminar on March 6, 2021

The LPRA on Lake Erie was nominated under the category “political involvement” for their successful advocacy on behalf of seasonal property owners, after the local Medical Health Officer issued an Order in late April 2020 prohibiting seasonal residents from attending their properties, under threat of fines of up to $5,000 per day. The LPRA engaged their MPP and FOCA, brought their plight to the attention of the Premier’s Office and the two local Mayors, secured media attention for the issue, and launched a legal appeal of the Order, which was rescinded just before the May long weekend.

About the Award

The FOCA Achievement Award is presented to a FOCA member Association each year, at the discretion of the FOCA Board of Directors. The award celebrates the successes of the FOCA community, and encourages peer sharing of best-practices.

YouTube FOCA Award video still 2015Watch a slide show that highlights several past winners of the FOCA Achievement Award. Click the image at right to link to the short YouTube video montage –>

Criteria for Nomination:

Nominees must be current FOCA member Associations in good standing. Nominees’ activities must be consistent with FOCA’s Mission: “to protect thriving and sustainable waterfronts across Ontario.”

Activities or achievements should be current, although they can be long-standing programs, and should relate to at least one of the following categories:

  • environmental stewardship
  • land use planning initiatives
  • research and/or education
  • political involvement
  • other innovations or successes in line with FOCA’s mission

Nominations are welcomed from individuals, associations, umbrella organizations, municipal/county/provincial government employees, conservancies and any other interested parties.

Nominations consist of a completed nomination form (see link above) and any additional support documents deemed significant by the nominee. Recipients of the award will be selected primarily based upon the documentation submitted with the Nomination form.

FOCA Achievement Award Recipients:

2020 Long Point Ratepayers Association
2019 Farlain Lake Community Association
2018 White Lake Cottagers’ Association
2017 Skootamatta District Ratepayers Association
2016 Golden Lake & Bonnechere River Property Owners’ Association
2015 Jack’s Lake Association
2014 Redstone Lake Cottagers Association

2013 Pike Lake Cottagers Association
2012 Leech Lake Cottagers Association
2011 Crane Lake Association
2010 Hudson Lakes Association
2009 Point Clark Beach Association
2008 Otty Lake Association
2007 Kennisis Lake Cottage Owner’s Association
2006 Limerick Waterways Ratepayer’s Association
2005 Faraday (Trout Lake) Association
2004 Huntsville Lakes Council
2003 Eagle Lake Conservation Association
2002 Kawartha Lake Stewards Association
2001 Norway Lake Association
2000 Cecebe Waterways Association
1999 Belmont Lake Association & Greater Bobs and Crow Lakes Association
1998 Paudash Lake Conservation Association & West Carling Association
1997 Lake Panache Campers Association
1996 North Sound Cottagers’ Association

Apply for the award on behalf of your great association!

Michelle LewinFOCA Achievement Award