Association – Renewal Payment Successful!

Your renewal payment has been successfully processed! Thank you for making FOCA’s work possible.

Please check your email for your payment receipt.

Some important notes:

  1. It will take up to 2 business days for the FOCA office to manually update the # of Sub-accounts (the members you have paid for) on your Association Account page (see the link at the top of this webpage) to reflect all the members you paid for today. (The default is “0” members.)
  2. As the renewal contact on record with FOCA, you are the only person in your Association with access to the Account page; if someone else becomes the primary renewal contact in the future, please update the FOCA office as soon as possible!

Once FOCA has manually set your current # of members, copy the custom link on the Sub-accounts page (under “Subscriptions”) and paste it into an email to your members. Let them know they can now set up their own individual Username and Password for the FOCA website in order to access online member materials, register at the member rate for FOCA events, and to access FOCA discounts and benefits. Once they have created their individual Usernames, you will be able to see them listed on your Sub-account page.

If you see lapsed members on your Association’s list of sub-accounts, you can remove their access to FOCA materials (or  you might decide to contact them, and encourage them to renew now, to continue to have access to FOCA member materials and benefits).  

If you run out of available spots on your Sub-account list, you have reached the maximum number of current paid members. You can increase this number by paying the per-member fee for as many additional members as you need; contact the office for assistance.

If you need technical help at any time, or for manual assistance with updates, contact the FOCA office during business hours: 705-749-3622 (ask for FOCA’s Membership Coordinator).

Thank you! Your support makes FOCA’s work for healthy waterfronts possible.