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Responsible Cottage Rental

FOCA recognizes that occasional rental of our cottage properties has become a financial reality for some cottage owners. We hear from members interested in finding out about how to rent (and how to insure for rental), and also from those who have been frustrated by experiences with poorly-managed rental properties in their vicinity.

FOCA supports a philosophy of responsible use, that encourages cottage owners to:

  • educate and inform guests about cottage country living and etiquette (see link to a sample visitor information sheet, below in Related Posts)
  • work with neighbours to promote harmonious relationships
  • be environmental stewards by ensuring the sustainable use of cottage properties, recognizing the limits of the existing septic system, road capacity and other community considerations.

Looking for more information on the topic of responsible rental? See the article from our partners at CottageLINK Rental Management, in FOCA’s 2017 Lake Stewards Newsletter (page 23: “Cottage Rental: What you should know.”)


FOCA has been following media reports about municipalities debating the regulation of cottage rentals. See the following:

5 benefits of cottage rental to rural and lakefront communities (provided by CottageLINK Rental Management, 2016):

  1. Help to maintain property values
  2. Support for the local economy
  3. Properties are regularly maintained
  4. Occupied properties are a deterrent to theft
  5. Contribution to cottage country awareness.

Click here to download an information sheet about responsible rental (PDF, 1 page) that you can circulate to your fellow association members.

Click here to read a blog by Heather Bayer of CLRM on the subject creating a great Welcome Binder for your cottage guests.

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