Municipal Engagement – A Guide for Lake Associations

FOCA is proud to announce the release of our member resource, “A Guide to Municipal Engagement for Ontario Lake Associations” (2019).

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<img  class="x-img"  src="" >This 20-page guide is a one-stop reference about:

  • the important role played by municipalities in issues that are key to waterfront residents
  • how and why to engage with your municipal partners, year-round
  • additional notes and partners’ tips and resources
  • plus, YOUR CALL-TO-ACTION from FOCA, to write your own Municipal Council (see tips in the guide)

In Ontario, the Municipal level of government delivers some of our most valued public services. As your closest level of government, it is vital to maintain productive relations both with elected officials and key staff (especially the Municipal Clerk).

Find out more about municipal budget-setting, the elements of good public consultation, ways to “raise your political voice” and get your issue onto the radar of your local representatives, and much more!

Use the link above, to access the Guide to Municipal Engagement, or contact the FOCA office for your copy.

Michelle LewinMunicipal Engagement – A Guide for Lake Associations