Watch Your Wake

waterskiingClick below to read the document, titled Watching Your Wake, provided with permission from FOCA members Pike Lake Community Association in Tay Valley Township, via the Lake Networking Group in Eastern Ontario.

Watching Your Wake (pdf; 5 pages) ( Pike Lake Community Association, 2013)

We encourage you to share the information with other interested groups.

This is a timely reminder about being courteous and safe on the water, and a great example of grassroots “R and D” and sharing good information within the waterfront community!

Additional Resources:

July 2020 – Safe Quiet Lakes hosted a webinar with the Muskoka Lakes Association on the subject of wakes, speed and noise. You can watch the webinar from the SQL webpage:

Safe Quiet Lakes – information on  “wake etiquette” and safe & responsible boating
5 Keys to a Calm lake –  and Neighbours (Cottage Life blog)
Wakeboarding (pdf; 2 pages) – Have Fun While Making the Right Choices (Lake of the Woods POA)
Boat Right, Be Polite (2005) (pdf; 2 pages) Fact Sheet  (Lake of Bays Association)


Michelle LewinWatch Your Wake