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FOCA Association Members are groups who represent lakes or roads and who have paying members. The annual fee for Associations is $125 plus $3.25/member. Association benefits include tools and resources, a vote at the FOCA AGM and access to the FOCA member rate on Commercial General Liability and Directors & Officers Insurance. Your Association members can access all FOCA’s membership benefits, including the boat and cottage insurance program and all other offers listed on our Benefits webpage.

Supporting Groups do not have paid members and do not have a vote at the FOCA AGM. Supporting Groups include non-governmental organizations, educational, research and environmental institutions. The fee for Supporting Groups is a flat $125/year and includes access to FOCA’s Commercial General Liability and Directors & Officers Insurance programs offered through Cade Associates Insurance Brokers.

Cottage, lake and road associations are the backbone of waterfront Ontario.

AssociationsFOCA is made up of more than 500 property Associations across Ontario cottage country – a total of 50,000 families. Our united voice carries weight on issues that matter.

FOCA members live within the landscape, and are an integral part of the rural community. Despite the sometimes humble trappings of lake meetings, and the casual clothes, folks in cottage country are dedicated and passionate, vested in the future and intimately familiar with the resources, special attributes and changes happening on our lakes and rivers.

Question: If my lake association is a member of FOCA, am I a member?

Answer: Yes! If you are a paid member of one of FOCA’s member Associations, you are a FOCA member and can access all the benefits of membership, including Members-only resources on this website.

How does FOCA help Member Associations?

As a membership organization, Associations are FOCA’s core supporters. We were encouraged that our last membership survey indicated 90% of our member Associations saw membership figures steady or up, over the prior year. We want you to thrive!

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“Waterfront property owners face challenges we can’t solve on our own. That’s where FOCA comes in.”
Ted Spence, FOCA Member, Catchacoma Lake

Association Toolkit

All FOCA online resources are available to you, including “members-only” information on this website.

Access resources here: FOCA Toolkit for Associations. FOCA can help with:

  • Association governance templates (bylaws, privacy policies, meeting best practices)
  • Information on property issues (septic, taxes, land use planning, mining, energy and utilities)
  • Access to FOCA’s Lake Planning Handbook for community groups
  • Tools and contacts for working with your local Municipality
  • Information on Government relations, and Policy updates important to you and your community
  • Environmental stewardship resources and library
  • Cottage safety information (insurance, fire, boating)
  • Free water quality monitoring – Lake Partner Program
  • Special offers and benefits from our corporate partners
  • Road and lake associations can also access administrative resources including the FOCA Roads Specialist, and help with online payment processing for your association dues.
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