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 At the 2011 AGM of WRAFT, it was announced that WRAFT was being wound up, and that the Directors of WRAFT would become the property tax committee of FOCA and would take responsibility for the ongoing monitoring of all assessment and property tax matters as they affect the members of WRAFT, most of whom are also members of FOCA.  The FOCA Property Taxation pages here include information regarding the 2012 assessment and the activities of the committee. For information regarding your 2012 assessment, please go to

FOCA's Property Tax Position

FOCA advocates for fair property taxation on behalf of waterfront residential property taxpayers in Ontario. FOCA carries on our long-term interests, previously delivered through WRAFT (Waterfront Ratepayers After Fair Taxation) and CAPTR (Coalition After Property Tax Reform). 

FOCA’s position on the major issues with the current residential property tax system in Ontario follows:

"Downloading" by the Province onto municipalities, and hence property owners in Ontario, is higher than all the rest of Canada. This inordinate local funding burden amplifies the unfairness inherent when property value is the sole determinant of how much an individual who pays for a lengthy list of municipal obligations. FOCA believes the provincial government must hasten and broaden the provincial role in financially supporting social services through provincial income taxes, which has only partially been addressed in the recommendations of the 2008 Provincial Municipal Fiscal and Service Delivery Review.

The use of current value assessments (CVA), as a means to calculate property owners' payments for municipal services received, continues to unfairly distribute social costs. There are precedents in other North American jurisdictions for a fairer process, acknowledging that there are municipal services that should not be paid for solely on the basis of the value of one’s property.  To use pure CVA to calculate tax obligations amounts to a tax on unrealized capital gains.

Failing to address the shortcomings within the current process will contribute to instability in many Ontario communities, forcing the untimely disposition of family assets.  This is only one unfortunate if unintended consequence from the current instable and unpredictable property tax system.  It is FOCA's contention that the Province must forthwith take concrete steps to address the instability and unpredictability of property taxation in Ontario. 


Nov.2011: WRAFT Annual General Meeting was held November 5, 2011. *Resolution: WRAFT corporation was officially dissolved, and tax reform efforts assumed by the Tax Committee of FOCA. 

October 2011: Taxation Update - Ontario Provincial Election

FOCA compiled some key points from the 4 major parties describing some of the key fiscal positions affecting property owners. Click here for the summary...

August 2011: FOCA's letter related to the 2010 Auditor-General's report (see link below) resulted in a response from MPAC, and the Minister of Finance.  While MPAC claims to be working towards resolving their challenges, the Province remains committed to the current CVA system.

As an ongoing hardship for Ontario's property owners, we encourage all concerns and questions to be directed to the Minister at 416-325-0400.

FOCA and WRAFT join forces! March 2011

ReMax Recreational Property Report 2011

2010 Annual Report from Ontario's Auditor General slams MPAC

Canada Revenue "Principle Residence" Interpretation

Past WRAFT News:

News from WRAFT Fall 2010

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WRAFT/CAPTR/FOCA meeting with MPAC, Toronto, January 2009

Property Tax


January 2014 - major changes to the OPP billing process means significant costs for waterfront property owners. Learn more here.

June 2013 - the 2013 Remax Recreational Property Report

April 2013 - NW Ontario Mayors talking to MPAC about property tax breaks for industry - residential taxpayers pay attention!

January 2013 -

An update from the FOCA Taxation Committee: "Dealing with your Property Reassessment" and deciding whether to file an RfR. Click here to read the update...

Oct.2012 - MPAC Presentation to the FOCA Fall Meeting: 2012 Assessment Update, by Larry Hummel, MPAC's Chief Assessor


October 2012 - Higher assessments don't necessarily mean higher taxes - Move Smartly

September 2012 - MPAC Market Update. Notable Quote: "Waterfront property values have increased by an average of 12% since 2008, less than the average increase for all residential property"

Aug 2012 - New assessment notices will go out between Sept 5 and November 2, 2012. Notices will include show new passwords for the MPAC website, the average increase in assessment for the relevant lower tier municipality, and how results of the prior assessment, Request for Reconsideration, and Appeal on the property have been carried forward - with reasons for such actions.

June 2012 - FOCA's notes from June MPAC meeting

March 2012 - FOCA's notes from March MPAC meeting

February 2012 - 2012 (interim) property tax bills have been mailed. Here’s what you need to know about what you pay and why:

Your property taxes are affected by:

  • the education tax rate (set by the Province)
  • the municipal budget (established by your Municipality)
  • the municipal tax rate (set by your City/Municipality)
  • your property’s assessed value (determined by MPAC).

What can you do to about your property taxes?
1)    Prevent an increase in your municipal tax rate.
Municipal governments across Ontario are currently formulating and approving their annual budgets. Local spending decisions being made NOW will directly affect your property tax bill. Every property owner and resident should be paying attention.

NOTE: the tax bill you are receiving now is based on an INTERIM rate, but this will change, pending municipal budget decisions. Read more about MUNICIPAL BUDGETS and how to get involved in your local budget-setting process...

2)    Challenge your MPAC assessed value.
The most recent MPAC notices showing your property's assessed value at January 1, 2012 will be arriving through November, and will be used to determine the 4-year phased-in assessment values - starting with the 2013 year. 

The value to be used  in 2013 can be challenged, if you commence that challenge before April 1, 2013. To do so, you must develop a rationale as to why you believe your property has been overvalued as at January 1, 2012 – NOT what may have transpired since. Read more about submitting a “Request for Reconsideration” .

Files from the Ontario Ombudsman on MPAC, and the Ontario Property Tax system

Tax Incentive Programs:

Conservation Land Tax Incentive

Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (>10 acres/4hectares of forested land)

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